Organisers of the conference

The Institute for Democracy and Participation Research (IDPF) of the University of Wuppertal. The research centre is at the state-of-the-art in the field of methodological development and is committed to the scientific supervision of its own and external procedures as well as to constant further development. The IDPF researches and evaluates the effects of direct democratic and participatory procedures and analyses the practical implementation of this form of citizen participation with regard to its close interlocking with the requirements and routines of conventional political processes.

Democracy International e.V. (DI) was founded in 2011 from initiatives and democracy activists around the introduction of the European Citizens’ Initiative. DI aims to strengthen citizen participation and direct democracy at all levels. For international networking, the association organizes the world’s largest conference on direct democracy, the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.

The main scientific focus of the association is the Direct Democracy Navigator. The database aims to present all available procedures (legal forms) of modern direct democracy worldwide, using a unique typological approach. Currently, almost 2000 legal provisions are listed.

The Rising Global Peace Forum is a joint project of Coventry University, Coventry Cathedral, and Coventry City Council that brings together peacemakers, policymakers, and scholars from around the world to explore and promote strategies for resolving violent conflict and sustaining peaceful societies. Through the use of various digital media platforms, the Forum engages in a constant dialogue about peace and inspires academics and practitioners in their work. More than 20,000 visitors from 150 countries have visited the website, and social media now reaches nearly one million people. Symposia have been held in Baltimore, Belfast, Bogota, and London. Rising is committed to empowering communities to sustain peace.

Sponsored by

The German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) is a non-profit foundation under civil law established by the German Federal Government in October 2000.

In its constitution, the German Foundation for Peace Research writes, that it “aims to contribute, through the promotion of scientific projects, to gaining knowledge about the prerequisites and conditions under which sustainable forms of peaceful coexistence between people and societies can be promoted, war, violence, oppression and existential hardship prevented, human rights safeguarded and international relations placed on a legal basis. It shall also support, within the scope of its purpose, the communication of knowledge and findings to practitioners and the public.”